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 Age of Shaddaar, Outland adventures....

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Age of Shaddaar, Outland adventures.... Empty
PostSubject: Age of Shaddaar, Outland adventures....   Age of Shaddaar, Outland adventures.... EmptySun 20 Jul - 23:56

Chapter 1. The brutal reality.

As Shaddaar first steps through the dark portal, he is amazed, the contrast between these 2 worlds is just stunning. The usually peacefull Azeroth lands now look like a little kitty compared to the violent atmosphere that is Outland.

"Wicked!" he says to himself with a light fragrance of fear crawling up his bones.

A bit of pause and he comes back to his senses.

"All right, i have to find that guy now"

As he goes down the stairs from the dark portal he notices 2 welcoming comittees and immediately goes into the shadow.

"Hmm, how am i supposed to talk to him without the enemy seeing me?"

As soon as he realises he will have to take the risk, he comes back to the light and goes to talk to the ones that were waiting him. He is then sent to a flight master wich in turn sends him to Thrallmar.

"Thrallmar?" he says followed by a big sigh.
"That orc just had to name a city after him?"

A few moments later he arrives in this classic horde town, nothing unusual to him but with a different feeling about it. It seems the Outland magics and demons corrupted even the air and buildings, nothing smells the same, nothing is trully alive.
He rushes into the biggest building he sees thinking the city leader should be in there and he was right. Not one hour has passed since his arrival in town and he was already sent on a few missions.

"What do they take me for? I am not their grunt!"
"But ... i could use some money and new armor cause this old one is starting to hurt more than the hits in battle"

He pulls his bones on his dead horse and once again rides into the unknown.

The ride was not long, to his surprise he arrived to the mission place quite fast... and immediately went into shadow to scout around his victims. They would not fall as easy as he thought, but, nevertheless he was determined to take every single one of them down.

A chill wind started to blow exactly when he felt a searing pain in his bones, it was a shadow priest , alliance.

"Alliance keeps hunting me over and over, stupid priest , you shall fall by my daggers!" and rushed toward the priest.
The priest did a few steps back and moaned under Shaddaar's blows trying to get away. But Shaddaar would not spare anyone so he kept going untill suddenly, a powerfull warrior charges and knocks him out.

"Ack! That hurt, time to get out of here" and he vanished into the shadows again.

"Damn those alliance fools, they want every pieces of this world and Azeroth. But .... why are they so strong here on this side of the portal?"

He could not understand why the alliance in outland was so strong compared to what he was used to kill in Azeroth but .... he didn't spend too much time over it either.

"It doesn't matter, i will train untill nobody will be able to stand in my path!"

The pain is back....

"Not again ...." says Shaddaar as he runs toward the priest again looking around for that warrior again.

After a few minutes, he was forced to vanish again and run ...... they were just too much for him to take alone. And so, he waited for them to leave and get back to his mission. Fortunately he didn't wait long and noticed some horde fighting those 2 in the distance.

"Yes! This is the time to attack!"

Needless to say, the priest and the warrior were dead faster than you can say "Revenge is sweet!"....

"You are not home anymore Shaddaar, this here is a war!"
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Age of Shaddaar, Outland adventures.... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Age of Shaddaar, Outland adventures....   Age of Shaddaar, Outland adventures.... EmptyMon 21 Jul - 1:52

Ooooh lovely isn't it? *looks around hopefully* Yes yes, sweet of you to have come here, my tea runner has disappeared again, wonder where this Grunark is... I...

What? Of course not, no no, there's nothing you can do about it. it just itches all the time, you try not to think about it. Don't be silly, tssk.

Now go on! More stories!

*starts counting the bread crumbs on her table*
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Age of Shaddaar, Outland adventures.... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Age of Shaddaar, Outland adventures....   Age of Shaddaar, Outland adventures.... EmptyMon 21 Jul - 2:57

Chapter 2. Making friends.

After a few missions for the orcs, Shaddaar became stronger and stronger, he could feel a strange power withing him, he was faster , quicker, his senses more accute. He loved it, the armor the orcs gave him as a reward was magical, every single new piece imbued him with more and more power and understanding of the shadows he slips into. Being stronger also rewarded him with a new faster horse, the dreadful undead warhorse. All that made him hungry for more blood, he kept killing scourge after scourge, jumping into every fight without fear or remorse until one evening he was sent to Forge Camp Mageddon.

He approached the camp carefully cause fighting noises were coming from inside.

"Hmm, wonder who's fighting here" and slipped into the shadows. Lurking around he was able to see 2 fellow forsakens attacking the camp. He did not know if they were sent by the orcs on the same mission or not .

"What? those orcs sent someone else ? they do not trust i can do it? " and he lets out a sigh.
"Eh, i guess i don't blame them, i don't trust them either ... "

Then coming into the light again he approaches the forsakens. One of them looked quite familiar, wearing leather and he recognized some of the armor pieces because he had them too. The other one, a bit too slim at first sight, had a demon minion with him.

"Greetingsss brothers!"

"Greetingss forsaken!"

"What are two doing here? Did the orcs send you here too?"

"Yes they did, and we are surprised to see you here too! I guess the orcs are training us for the real battle..."

"Heh, i thought they didn't trust me with completing the mission" said Shaddaar and laughed.

The strangers laugh too and then surprised Shaddaar ....

"Do you want to join us and finish the mission easier?"

And Shaddaar agrees thinking there was no point in doing it alone. Things went smooth from there, two deathstalkers and a demon master, nothing could stop them.... yet. After they achieved their objective at Forge Camp Mageddon the three of them went back to Thrallmar to announce their victory!

"I wonder what they will think when they see us three claiming the mission" said Shaddaar and looked at the other two.

"Well i guess we'll find out soon enough won't we?"

The three of them walk in and nobody complained about anything. It seems the orcs just wanted it done. This time they all received a mission together.

"It turned out to be attack plans sent by one of Highlord Kazzak's lieutenants - Arazzius the Cruel. Apparently, Arazzius commands the Legion ground forces in Hellfire. The time has come to terminate his command forsakens. Terminate with extreme prejudice.

Head west to the Pools of Aggonar and put an end to this so-called 'Legion lord'. Today, the Horde reclaims Hellfire Peninsula. Let the Legion be damned."

This sounded like serious business. They won't fight mere footmen of the legion, this time they were going after a lieutenant and it wasn't going to be easy.

They arrive at the pools of Aggonar, and were immediately attacked by Terror Fiends hungry for souls. Those were no problem for them so they kept defending themselves as the went closer and closer toward this Arazzius. The pools were a mass of green slime, with poisonous jelly creatures living in it. Bubbling and boiling, it was a not a place where they wanted to be for too long.

"Gah! What is this place?" said the demon master shaking a bit of slime of his leg.

"Be calm Soulbane, you always complain!" said the other deathstalker.

"Oh Coma, you talk like you like this place, what's wrong if staying in a nice chair in Undercity ?"

"You're too soft... more of that and i would think you are a blood elf" said Coma and burst into laughter with Shaddaar chuckling at them.

Then as a wake up call Shaddaar sees Arazzius and gets serious again.
"All right folks, here he is, get ready!"

It was them three and Arazzius with his two slaves next to him. It was clear this was going to be very hard. This ... Arazzius was an elite fighter of the legion, not your average morning cookie.

They decided to use Soulbane's minion to attack first and then Shaddaar and Coma the deathstalker will approach from behind and give all the got.

So they did, plan was executed perfectly, but there was a small problem, it didn't look like Arazzius was hurting too much.

"Damn , this one is tough" said Coma trying to hit Arazzius faster and faster.

Eventually they managed to kill the legion's lieutenant but leaving them worn out and almost dead on the ground. After getting some unlife back into them, the stood up and couldn't beliveve what they have just done.

"Yeah! We are heroes! I hope we get a good reward for this!" said Soulbane with greedy eyes sparkling.

And indeed they did, they each received a trinket wich will increase their power when wearing it and when they use it's magic they gain bigger advantages for a short period of time. Everyone was happy .... but the day has been long and time had come for them to retire for the night.

"Well friends, it has been a pleasure fighting with you two, but it is time to get some rest." said Shaddaar while mounting up his warhorse.

"Indeed it has Shaddaar, hope we will meet again for more fights, it would help us both get a name and reputation with these orcs"

"Sure thing forsakens, untill next time!" , the horse sprinted like an arrow into the dark and Shaddaar was gone.

In a world of death, in a world where souls don't have an owner, in a world where beauty is temporary, a world where disease and decay is at every corner, friendship is all that remains, standing united against the burning legion.

Everybody in the future will talk about the three who killed Arazzius, honor them for they fought for you too!.
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Age of Shaddaar, Outland adventures.... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Age of Shaddaar, Outland adventures....   Age of Shaddaar, Outland adventures.... Empty

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Age of Shaddaar, Outland adventures....
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