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 READ FIRST: Posting in this forum

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READ FIRST: Posting in this forum Empty
PostSubject: READ FIRST: Posting in this forum   READ FIRST: Posting in this forum EmptyWed 23 Jul - 15:55

Welcome to the Horde Union section of this forum.

Please make sure you follow the following policies before posting:

-Guests, please sign your posts, unsigned posts will otherwise be deleted.

-This forum is mainly OOC. If you have IC announcements, stories, and topics to write, please mention it in the post or in the title. If it doesn't have much to do with the Union, you're more than welcome to use the Serpentfang Inn (IC section)!

-The rest of the forum (What you don't see), is the House's. Please don't register if you aren't a member, or asked to do so.

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READ FIRST: Posting in this forum
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