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 About the Horde Union

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PostSubject: About the Horde Union   About the Horde Union EmptyWed 23 Jul - 16:15

Welcome to the Horde Union!

The origins of the Union are a bit blur, but here's the big picture:
It was created by the House leaders (And certainly others) to have a pool of people from other racial guilds to recruit from, for assorted events. (Raids, instance runs, PVP, RP...) Furthermore, it was a place for the House alts to get recruited, for the aforementioned events.
Alas, the Union soon collapsed, along with most of its racial guilds.

Now is the time to revive it!
But an in-game channel isn't enough to hold together this (loose) alliance. That's the reason why this forum section came to existence.

All members of the union are welcome to post here, ideas, suggestions, raids, instance runs, RP events, the list goes on. Don't be shy! Use it!
We'll soon invite other guilds to bolster the HU ranks. As for now, the HU guilds are:

-The Thunderfury Clan
-The House Serpentcrest

More so, we'd like for the HU to be up and running by the end of August. (And by up and running it means a constant flow of nifty stuff happening, up down left and forward!) Without guild leaders having to do all the chop work.

A little more, then you may go and enter a posting frenzy...:
This is an open forum, use it for what it is. Don't wait for things to happen, because, you might be waiting for a long time! You all have the chance to start something here, take this chance. Waiting is part of what made the old HU inactive.

Guilds part of the Union are racial (Single race) ones only. And this loose alliance is partly here to overcome some problems these may be facing: lack of members, classes, activity... Furthermore, they are all RP guilds (With more or less emphasis on the stuff)

For the sake of 'The more the merrier', no race will be left out. Guild grudges and racist/picky stances are accepted, and welcome, it spices the whole thing up: Orcs hating the Elves, distrust for the Forsaken, Elves and Trolls bickering... It's all great, lively and opens up lots of (RP) possibilities. Nothing worse than blend-ness!

Serious matters will be left in the hands of the HU guilds' leaders. However, if their hands are too full, they are welcome to appoint a spokeperson. And these will watch out for their members, if need be (Hopefully not).
Arguments and misunderstandings (OOC and IC) happen, just remember to respect eachothers, since we're all in this for fun.

Enjoy yourselves,

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About the Horde Union
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