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 Gryphonheart Reputation Project for the Horde Union

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Gryphonheart Reputation Project for the Horde Union Empty
PostSubject: Gryphonheart Reputation Project for the Horde Union   Gryphonheart Reputation Project for the Horde Union EmptySun 3 Aug - 12:11

Recently found a decent addon called "Gryphonheart Reputation", which allows the creation of player factions and distrubution of reputaion through the factions. The best way to explain how it works is to read the example found on the page

Quote :
1) X creates his character and joins the server. The addon register that there have been set factions up on this server and adds them to his reputation box.
2) X thinks about what his character should do and he let his character join the townsfolk.
3) The leader of the townsfolks gives X a friendly reputation with the townsfolk and maybe lower is reputation with the senate (e.g. they maybe dont like eachother).
4) X encounters some RP with some of the tradesmen and after some trades he gets a good standing with some of them. One of the trade leaders gives him a higher standing with them.
5) X helps the redeemers by catching a theif. The redeemers raises X reputation with them and lowers his reputation with the underworld.

However, the addon has a few problems, viewing target's rep with your faction doesn't work with anything apart form the default UI, and if it does work, it blocks the MyRP button. I've been looking into fixes for this, which will mean editting some code, so it may take a while for me to come up with a fix

I've been thinking of making a project for all the guilds in the horde union, and perhaps some extra guilds if they are willing to patricipate.

While i can't think of any practical uses yet, i think it might be a good idea for everyone or as many people as possible to get this addon so that there is support for the project when it is put into action

Get it here:

once it's installed, Whisper me ingame if it doesn't automatically join the project titled "hordeunion" and i'll invite you to it
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Gryphonheart Reputation Project for the Horde Union
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