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 Rotting sssweetie

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PostSubject: Rotting sssweetie   Rotting sssweetie EmptyTue 16 Sep - 20:32

<A black-hooded person slowly steps into the inn, the shadows follow her anywhere she goes, a black marks occures on the ground in the place she steps, flowers and grass is burned out and animals run in fear...> STOP! That's not tha way it supposed to be! HardproemogothicRP, no thank you!

Kaei has been changed as a quite young person, enjoying candys and lollipops. She's still a bit rotting and sometimes you may stand on parts of her just lying around, or, not on purpose, kich her ear, part of mouth or something. She owns a black snake, that follows her everywhere she goes, either she's hunting or just wandering and seeing the world. The problem is, that many people just can't see it, so it's being squashed awfully often. Eh, too bad. Kaei is trained in arts of magic, as a young mistress still not knowing whitch arcane she should choose.

As a player Smile I've been playing a lot of MMORPG's, Lineage II, Guild Wars, Warhammer Online. I stayed in L2 for three years, but become a bit endgame, so I quit and changed. The first thing on my mind was WAR, but as the Open Beta reains well... not so good I've switched to good old WoW. I know nearly nothing of the gameplay, world, statistics, classes and talents, so please, please, preeeetty please be patient and informative Wink


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PostSubject: Re: Rotting sssweetie   Rotting sssweetie EmptyWed 17 Sep - 2:24

Hi there Kaei

We are happy to accept you into the guild and we will all try and help you as much as we can.

We are in the process of moving forums though so could I ask you to re-register over at the new one.


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Rotting sssweetie
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