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 READ FIRST: Recruitment form

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READ FIRST: Recruitment form Empty
PostSubject: READ FIRST: Recruitment form   READ FIRST: Recruitment form EmptyTue 22 Jul - 16:44

Welcome to the recruitment section of the guild!

Before you enthusiastically start to type in your message, here's a few facts: This is a Roleplaying guild, PVE and PVP are there too, but the main focus is RP (That can range from chit chat, small events, bigger ones, IC raids and instance runs, world PVP to, well, the list is non-exhaustive). Make sure you enjoy RPing, or at least have a basic understanding/affinity for it. (We don't ask for you to be a crack, just that it doesn't bore you. if it does, I'm certain there are plenty of other nice guilds out there Smile)

Now, here's the basic layout we'd like to see in recruitment posts:

-Why do you want to join the House and your expectations:

-How did you hear about the House?



-A little about yourself, as a player (No need to detail your RL here, it's not relevant, and that information is yours anyway):

-Cherry on top? Anything you'd like to add? Go ahead:

Not asking any information about your character, its back story (if any), past, whatever, because it's up to you to disclose it in game, or later on in the forums, if you feel like it.
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READ FIRST: Recruitment form
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